Whenever we go through personal or professional struggles, experts advise talking it out. There is power in talking; it helps lighten up our burdens. According to an article written by Psychology Today, talking is “one of our natural, built-in therapeutic capacities.” We use words to express how we truly feel, what we need or what we desire.

It’s not just problems that are eased up by talking, but it can also help when making big life decisions. Whenever a great opportunity comes, it’s best to talk about it with somebody that we know like, and trust.

During these intimate discussions, we allow ourselves to fully open our hearts with the other person. If we’re talking to a person that we have faith in, it’s easier to say what’s going on with our lives and future plans.

In the process of talking, the mirror neurons are listening, observing, taking information, and allowing us to find a solution. In the article titled, “The Neuroscience of Conversations” during communication, “our brains trigger a neurochemical cocktail that makes us feel either good or bad and this inner experience is translated into words, sentences, and stories.”

When we engage in these “feel good” conversations, it signals our brains to release higher levels of dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins, and other biochemicals that prompt a sense of well-being.

The good thing about talking and having a discussion with someone else is that the positive effects are felt by both parties. In this heart-to-heart exchange, a deeper connection is formed, and the other person also expresses genuine interest and opinion about the topic.

Out of this authentic connection, the person may offer a potential solution or outcome. These outcomes may not be something that you’ll come up with if you keep your problems to yourself. In a way, others may shine a different light on how you see your problems or how you go about big life decisions.

Sometimes, the advice of others may not instantly make sense, but it may be what you need at that moment. When we become too preoccupied with a problem or a concern, our judgment becomes clouded, and we can’t weigh our options properly. Talking these out with someone helps us see the bigger picture and assess what needs to be done.

Then we realize that the simple process of talking can actually make a huge impact in our lives. We become more in tune with our hearts and minds that we realize what we truly want to happen.

Whenever you’re dealing with difficulties and challenges, have a talk with someone and see what solutions are available. Remember that the power in talking highlights our ability to see beyond the surface and decipher what’s best for you.