In our daily lives, we all have different roles to play. We can be parents, employees, business owners, and we also incorporate our professions and hobbies. All the roles we have can be attributed to who we truly are.

When you think about being your true self, this means that you’re doing what you’re inspired by and you’re in alignment with your purpose and priorities. It’s about waking up in the morning with energy and a clear intention of what you want to do and how it brings you closer to goals that light you up. 


How to become your true self?

When you’re living your true self, you wouldn’t give a damn about what others think and your thoughts, actions, behaviour, are all true to your core. However, many people struggle with becoming who they know deep down inside truly are. 

Here are seven things that can do to help you start on the path towards to finding your true self. 


1. Ask Yourself Quality Questions

If you find it difficult to figure out your true self, then ask, “when do you feel the most authentic?” Where are you? What are you doing? When do you feel inspired from within and have certainty that you’re on the right path. 

Ask direct questions that let you uncover your real self without pretensions or pressure from others. 

Become more observant when you’re in situations that give a sense of fulfilment or also when you feel like something’s wrong. Take note of the people you’re with, what happened, and how you felt exactly. 

Doing this often, will help you get a clearer understanding of who you are down to your core.


2. Create Time and Space in your Life for things you Love doing

Be mindful of yourself and constantly check what’s going on in your head and in your day to day schedule. The activities you engage in affects your emotions, observe how it impacts you. 

As you become more aware of your real self, you see opportunities that let you express your authentic self. Then schedule in more time to do more of that! You’ll live with more energy, feel empowered and won’t need as much caffeine or stimulants.  


3. Be with people you love hanging out with

If you’re starting the path of finding who you really are, it’s best to surround yourself with people who’ve been on a similar journey. Evaluate the relationships that you have with others, and figure out if those connections are serving your purpose or not. Take necessary action to spend time with the ones who help empower you and less time with those people that deflate you.

You can also seek advice from coaches or mentors that can lead you towards self-discovery and clarity. 


4. Communicate your truth

Healthy communication starts with you. Being honest with yourself is a good place to start as it allows you to better understand your intentions and goals. Deep down inside you, you know what you want and what you don’t want. You can establish boundaries on how you communicate your truth while not invalidating others.


5. Take small action steps towards your goals

Your daily habits will eventually become your commitments over time so make sure you’re taking small steps that lead you towards your goals and not away from them. Doing so allows you to build a routine and gain momentum so you can figure out who your true self is over a shorter period of time. 


6. Listen to your gut

Take a break and see what sparks interest in you. I know that it can be challenging to figure out your authentic self. You also need to listen to your gut feelings and learn if something feels aligned with your values or not.


7. Tune in to what motivates and inspires you

Then document and write down your thoughts in a journal. It’s a great idea to set goals aligned with what comes up. On a deeper level, your soul is always trying to guide you in the right direction for your life.

Learning how to become your true self not only benefits you but also the relationships you have with friends, loved ones and work colleagues. When you’re transparent with your feelings, you become more confident in expressing who you truly are.