Imagine having to submit an urgent task within the day and yet instead of being focused, you’re constantly having distractions. Flow state clarity helps you concentrate on tasks without the constant reminder to do so.

The ability to maintain focus on one thing is quite challenging. It requires mindfulness and meditation. Training the mind to be more present and calm helps it to achieve a more flow state and this is beneficial in achieving long-term goals. 

What is flow state clarity?

According to Berkeley Well-Being, “flow state is some sort of effortless attention.” When we work in flow, we’re focused on our task, we exert less effort, and we don’t get distracted. 

Flow state clarity gives us positive emotion similar to feeling revitalised and excited that drives high attention to detail and gets the job done. And since this requires being mindful, we become fully occupied with our tasks, we immediately counter distractions and get back on track instantly.

What are the benefits of flow state clarity?

Flow state clarity has numerous benefits, but it primarily helps in achieving goals and managing distractions. The following are advantages of working in a flow state.

1. Powerful concentration

Being focused on a specific task allows you to produce high-quality output because you know how to manage or get rid of distractions.

2. Knowing what needs to be done

Working in a flow state of clarity makes you aware of what needs to be done or prioritised. You’ve set your mind to doing the task, so you won’t be easily distracted.

3. Getting rid of distractions

You learn to eliminate physical and mental distractions. It leaves no room for stress and self-doubt, and you feel more confident in finishing the task.

4. Fulfilment and pride

Flow state of clarity makes you feel fulfilled and proud that you’re able to accomplish a task productively. Once you learn how to better manage your distractions, you also become a more reliable part of the team who can finish the work on or before the deadline.

How to achieve a flow state of clarity

According to Headspace, these tips will motivate you to work in your zone, in addition to meditation and mindfulness. 

1. Do something you are passionate about

The easiest way to work in your zone is by doing something that you love. You’re more willing to spend time on a task if you know that it brings out your best skill. 

2. Stick to your ritual

Once you set a schedule for your daily activities, it’s easier to stick to it. You’re aware of what you need to be doing at a specific time, and you stay away from distracting activities. 

3. Focus on the most important task

It’s important to recognize the most important task that needs to be done immediately. This way, you know how to better manage your time and resources, so you finish them ahead of the deadline. It’s also not recommended to multitask as this will might lead to mediocre quality of work and the output may be compromised.

4. Know when you’re most productive

You need to be aware of the time you’re most productive, so you can maximise it. Some people prefer working early in the morning to match their revitalised state while others work at night to enjoy peace and calmness.

5. Get rid of distractions

Know your distractions. It can be your phone, constantly browsing through various websites or the environment. Figure out how you can block all of these and assure yourself that you can always do these outside working hours.

Working in a flow state of clarity lets you accomplish goals efficiently. Once you learn how powerful this is, you’ll want to use this in every task you’re assigned to. I recommend you reflect and discover how you can take advantage of this experience.