Men's Retreat

Nov 6th - 8th


Men who want to create more freedom in their life and reconnect with their true self, understand their purpose in life and overcome any blocks they feel are in the way.


Jay Harris is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Business Owner and Coach who has been in business for over 10 years.


He runs coaching programs and transformational workshops to help Men get clarity about their purpose and mission in life.

Jay is a father and lives with his wife and two kids in Avoca Beach just north of Sydney, Australia. He lives by the beach and loves the ocean and surfs (almost) everyday.

He loves helping others create their perfect lifestyle through his 1:1 and group coaching and mentoring programs.


You have a great legacy that can leave behind long after you’re gone. A big vision of how you can impact on this world. A message that you were born to share with others. But you keep facing the same old road blocks. You feel as if you are constantly living ground-hog day. You are frustrated knowing your life could be better if only you had to time to actually step away from your family, work, business or all your commitments to implement and strategize the path forward. Up until now you feel like you’ve been just surviving month to month. Imagine the day when you can finally break through the glass ceiling to the next level. You can! It’s your time to SHINE.


Friday 7th Nov - arrive in the afternoon (Optional)
Saturday 8th Nov - 8am to 6pm Workshop Intensive
Sunday 9th Nov (Optional) Beach 4WD BBQ Swim Surf


I’d definitely recommend working with Jay if you're someone who has a goal but no idea how to make a start towards it

Working with Jay I have learnt to trust myself and my feelings about where I am in life.

Jay has helped me give myself the confidence and my own permission to go and create a new business and live my life true to my values.

I’m now in my dream job, doing so well, and it wasn’t at all the impossible feat I imagined.

Afterwards, I felt calmer, more relaxed and compassionate.


Cost $197 for the day with lunch and dinner included
(Optional: Accommodation $100 per night)

Free 45 minute Coaching Discovery Session with Jay before the retreat
If your like to book, respond to this email with “in” and I’ll give you a buzz. 

Otherwise call me and let me know.

If you know any other men who may benefit please feel free to share..