What do you need help with right now?

Personal & Business growth is hard, I make it a whole lot easier, less stressful, and way more fun!

Hello my friend, I’m Jay

I get it…

Personal growth is hard, really hard.

Business growth is stressful!

There’s money coming in the door, which is nice…

But you’re working harder than you ever have.

Something is missing?

But you’re not sure what it is.

Your worried about the future and what the best way forward is.

You’re worried about how your partner is coping.

You’re worried about how you can get another hour out of your day (or even just an hour to yourself sometime soon!)

You’re Stressed.

You’re Overworked.

Waking up in the middle of the night worrying about shit.

Hair might be quickly thinning from all the uncertainty (Like mine did ?)

You’re thinking should I hire more staff?

Or close the business and go get a job?

Should I change careers maybe?

Do we need to sell the house?

What about getting a Business Coach? Or a Mentor?

Do I need some Therapy? Should I see a therapist? What will people think?

(We can go on here, but I thought I would keep it short)

You’re reading this right now because, in some way, your life and business aren’t where you want them to be.

Even though you have worked your arse off!

Or maybe you’ve been cruising and you just want more!

More Clarity.

More Freedom.

More Money.

More Clients.

More Staff.

A Business you love getting up for in the morning.

More time for yourself.

More quality time with the wife and kids.

Whatever it is.

I have good news for you.

Soon you will be waking up in the morning thinking ‘I’ve got this, let’s do it’

You’ll be consistently able to create more freedom in your schedule and time to enjoy yourself while running a business and doing what you love.

Regardless of what bad news, negative thoughts, anxiety that is going on in your head right now.

You won’t have to wake up at 2:30am worrying about it anymore.

Everything will be dialed in and operating way smoother.

You’ll be back in control and feeling ‘‘cool, calm and collected’’.

Thinking like the ‘boss’ you always knew you were.

It all starts today by choosing your own adventure.

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How I Can help You





Private 1:1 Coaching.

Group Coaching

Private Coaching at a 1:1 level is a great way to keep change at the front of your mind.
Find out more about my weekly, fortnightly and monthly coaching sessions here

I take tradies through my signature program the HARRIS Method, with 6 key areas giving you the opportunity to create a three day weekend every weekend.

I understand that the background noise of our busy lives can slow the start of the change process and I’ve also created a retreat that helps men with the key steps of change.

Designed for Growth

One of the most effective coaching systems for rapidly changing tradies lives and businesses.

There are lots of so-called “coaches” and “mentors” running around out there. Most of these blokes are all bark and no bite. People lie. But facts don’t.

My programs are here to guide you to be the best version of yourself. Gaining inspiration through my entertaining style of education that helps you get the most from your business and life.

My Mission

Help you….

Skip the ‘‘what should I do next’’ guess work.

Reduce Stress and Overwhelm.

Create a new vision that helps you build a life and business you love.

You never know, you might just…..

Be less stressed.

Make more money.

Feel more free!

Save your relationship.

Manage your trade business a whole lot better.

Discover your purpose in life.

Whatever it is for you, just know that we are all about guiding you to become the best leader and best version of yourself.

I will help empower you in Business and Finances, and Relationship, and all areas of your life.

I give you the tools, education and training to significantly improve in all areas of your life.

Helping you maximise your business profits, reduce stress and create more freedom! Let’s take your life and business to the next level!

What people are saying about Jay

Jay is an energetic, vibrant person with a positive and motivating aura. He offers a lot of different and valuable tools and information, then helps you channel it to what is necessary and right for you.


It was through developing greater clarity that I feel way more inspired again, and way more ambitious, just totally, like really inspired to realize the vision because it seems so much more achievable.”


Jay helped me get clear on my highest values in life, which helped me justify how I have lived my life and what I have done for myself physically, spiritually and emotionally in the last year.”


“What I liked about working with Jay was that his advice was so simple, and not at all wishy-washy or preachy.


“Jay helped me facilitate some of those moments of awareness and guided me through those times when I was lost and couldn’t quite see the way.


Afterwards, I felt calmer, more relaxed and compassionate, and a lot more open to hearing other people and talking with them.”